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AKA: Mary Jane Hickory

AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association) Registered Sorrel Mare

Born on March 9th, 1993


Many people who’ve come to Bridle Path for riding lessons know and love our sweet horse Sage. 

Sage originally came to Bridle Path to be boarded, belonging to a loving family. Every so often, Angie would tune Sage up when the kids wanted to ride her. After riding Sage several times, Angie was impressed with how much this old mare actually knew! 

Eventually the kids grew up and became very involved with school and sports, not leaving much time to ride their horses. The family offered to let Angie use their horses for lessons to insure they would still get their exercise. Angie was very pleased with what a smart, solid horse Sage was. The day finally came when the family decided it was time to find a new home for their horses. The family decided to let Sage stay at Bridle Path, knowing she would be appreciated and well taken care of. 

Although Sage is known for being a slow and steady lesson horse, she showed off her speedy side when one of Angie’s students began riding her in gaming lessons. Trusty Sage gave this student, who went from a beginner to advanced level within a few short months, the confidence she needed to excel. They even brought home the Reserve Champion belt buckle together at our annual competition!

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