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Another one of the hard-working women of Bridle Path is Angie’s mom, Karen. She spends several days a week throughout the summer helping out around the barn, getting in her “manure aerobics,” as she puts it. Karen is always buzzing around the barnyard, rarely setting her pitchfork down while she’s here, except to brush a dirty horse or gather up apples for treats. Not to mention, she always looks glamorous - even while shoveling manure - with her hair and makeup done to perfection. 

When she is not at Bridle Path, Karen runs a hair salon business from her home - so much for retirement! With a mom like Karen, it’s no wonder where Angie gets her work ethic from! 

Karen does squeeze in a little rest and relaxation every so often. She enjoys her time off soaking up the sun while floating in her pool. 

Everyone enjoys Karen’s company at the barn, especially all the animals she is so good at spoiling!

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