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Meet Roxanne, a lesson instructor and trail guide here at BPQH. Roxanne’s start at Bridle  Path began when she was just seven years old taking lessons with Angie. For years, every minute of her day was spent at the barn whether it was cleaning stalls in the freezing North Idaho winter or feeding 40 head at dawn in the summer.

Growing up at Bridle Path opened many doors for Roxanne; one being the purchase of her first two horses (earned through years of riding and thousands of pitchforks full of manure). Both horses had been used in Bridle Path’s lesson program and were just what Roxanne needed to gain confidence as a competitor.  She was also given the opportunity to assist with beginner group riding lessons and to join the BRATS rodeo team where she practiced and competed in many rodeo events including Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tying, and Roping. Roxanne discovered her true love was for the sport of barrel racing and the thrill it brings with it. 

When she's not in the arena teaching students or taking guests on a scenic trail ride, you can find Roxanne hauling around Washington, Idaho, and Oregon with her flashy paint gelding, Leo, properly called Leo Four Times Moon. Together they compete in barrel racing and pole bending-they are a dynamic team people love to watch.


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