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Loves Memory

APHA (American Paint Horse Association) Mare

Born on Memorial Day 1997

Memory is known as "the horse that built Bridle Path." She has been here since day one, and is an integral "employee" of this business. Many kids that learn how to ride at Bridle Path take their first lessons on this trusty horse. Memory has also packed riders on so many trail rides that she could probably guide the rides on her own! On her days off, Memory heads down to the roping arena to help Angie turn a 
few steers in team roping. 

Memory has been Angie’s personal horse since the first day her little hooves touched the ground. In fact, Angie was there when Memory was born, helping the mother bring this special horse into the world on Memorial Day - the inspiration behind her name.

Anybody who knows Memory will tell you that she’s a very talented horse… especially when it comes to eating! If she catches you walking into the grain room, she will try her hardest to “talk” you into giving her a treat. She’s even been known to tear the feeders off the stall walls just so she can lick up every last piece of hay!

This one-of-a-kind horse has definitely lived up to her name… 
She leaves everyone she meets with a special “Memory”!

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