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Gravy is one of the best horses that lives on the ranch and he turned out to be a bit of a diamond in the rough.
Angie was traveling through Airway Heights several years ago when a friend mentioned that he had a horse he thought she might be interested in. So, she met up with him at a truck stop. Since Angie was just passing through and didn’t have much time, she jumped on the grey ranch gelding bareback and rode him around in the field behind the truck stop! Angie didn’t even have a saddle with her at the time so she had ride him around bareback and with only a halter. It was immediately evident that this horse was a true gem and Angie bought him on the spot.
Although Gravy had humble beginnings-  he started out life as a ranch horse up in the Okanogan country- he soon proved himself to be an absolute powerhouse in the rodeo events barrel racing and pole bending.
Gravy was such a good Brat’s horse that one student, Sam Vera, fell in love with him and later bought him. Gravy still lives at Bridle Path and is Sam’s trusty steed. Everyone at Bridle Path loves this sweet ranch horse that turned out to be an incredible competitor in the rodeo arena with a bigger than life personality

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