Meet our Bridle Path Quarter Horses, Inc. Management Team Coordinator and Director of Social Media, Nanette Pitts. She brings with her a background in education working with elementary aged children. Nanette worked on a special education team for a school district assisting those with either autism, special needs or physical disabilities. Not only has she had a few years in the classroom, but she is an avid writer as well. She currently has a short story published, but she hopes to see a novel of hers in hardback on the shelves at all bookstores. Nanette has become the face behind all the advertising and social media posts you have come to see so you get to be a part of the ranch no matter where you are. She has many hats here at the ranch and handles many of the various departments of day to day operations to help run a smooth dude ranch schedule. 

Along with Bridle Path Quarter Horses, Nanette also holds a role as our Team Coordinator and Parent Liaison for the Bridle Path Brats. Her passion to work with children has flowed over into the Bridle Path Brat program. With her education background working with children, she has a way of delivering the education portion of our program to our kiddos. Nanette creates, with the assistance of our Head Coach, the lessons and quizzes for our Brats to ensure they're learning all they can in and out of the arena.  She communicates with the parents during our active rodeo season to ensure a successful experience. While in our off time, she strives to retain communication with the families for the upcoming Brat term. Nanette’s ambition in photography finds herself behind the camera at Bridle Path. Not only does she trek through the pasture here at the ranch and take the Brats annual group photos, she also captures each rider on the team during their events at every rodeo. On occasion you can find her wandering around the stables snapping pictures of each horse we have here on site. She does all of this and so much more while being an active Real Estate agent in our community.